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Mountain Mutual Water Company

Serving members of Cripple Creek Mountain Estates

Some of the services available to MMWC Members

Most of the services available to members have a fee involved. The amounts of the various fees can be seen here. Contact the MMWC Office during business hours. In some cases, several days' notice is required before services can be performed.

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Emergencies - If there is an emergency of any kind with your water system, call the MMWC Office. During non-business hours leave a voice message; you will be contacted within a couple of hours.

Transfer of Membership

Memberships in MMWC are automatically transferred with sale of the lot. If you are not the original owner of a CCME lot, the membership was automatically transferred to you when you purchased the property, unless the membership associated with the lot was previously forfeited for non-payment.

Ownership transfer fees: a fee of $150 will be charged to transfer account ownership of all properties with a water tap. In the event the transfer fee is not addressed at property settlement the fee will be applied to the new owner’s first monthly invoice.

It is difficult for MMWC to keep track of the memberships when a lot is sold. Should you sell your lot, please notify MMWC. If you have sold your lot and are still receiving bills and notices from MMWC, please notify MMWC at once so that the bills and notices can be sent to the proper party.

Voluntary Turn-On / Turn-Off

Members may have their water service shut off (for instance, when the home is not occupied during winter months) and turned on later. Notify the Office with the date that water is to be turn on / off.

Cistern Cleaning

MMWC can provide professional cistern cleaning to satisfy the recommendations for cleaning of your water supply. Contact the MMWC Office to order the cleaning. Because of backlogs at certain times of the year, this should be scheduled as early in Spring as possible. Cleaning cannot usually be done during the winter freezing months.

Maintenance Repair Work (on Member's side of meter)

Repairs to a member's water system on his side of the water meter is available. These can consist of replacement of the shut-off valve, cistern leaks, or breaks in the water line to the home. Work is performed on a time and material basis. If an estimate is desired, this can be provided to the extent the repair work can be identified completely at the time.

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Cistern Inspection

MMWC can perform inspections of cisterns. This is frequently done when a property sale is pending and the buyer wishes to know the integrity of the cistern. For all members, it is recommended from time to time to ensure all components (float, valve, etc.) are in working order and to discover water loss from leakage.

Water Delivery by Truck

If an owner experiences problems with his water system on his side of the meter that leaves him without water, then MMWC can provide water delivered by truck to the cistern. Some restrictions apply, but this service is available when truck delivery is the only source of water for temporary inconveniences.

Bacterial Water Potability Test

Water testing for quality can be made when a user has concerns about the condition of the water on his side of the meter. A report on bacterial contamination is provided once laboratory testing makes them available.

Disclaimer - MMWC is not obligated to offer services to members that are not in good standing with the Company. Neither is MMWC obligated to perform work or provide services when inadequate access is available or where unsafe conditions may exist. MMWC has the sole right to make the determination to refuse service for any reason.