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Documents for Member's Information and Use

Mountain Mutual Water Company's most important governance documents are these:

Document Description Document Link
Articles of Incorporation Articles of Incorporation
Corporate By-Laws MMWC By-laws
Policies, Rules & StandardsMMWC Water Policies
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Mountain Mutual Water Company desires to have its members informed of its business by making pertinent documents available. This website attempts to meet that goal by allowing those documents to be individually selected for downloading.

Minutes of regular Board of Director's meetings are posted after they are approved at the next meeting following the meeting for which they were taken. The file names indicate the dates of the meetings. Only the most recent 24 month's minutes are posted for downloading. Earlier minutes are archived at the MMWC office. After they are removed from the website, they may be requested with a copy charge of $2.00 per each.

Similarly, minutes of the Annual Membership Meeting are also posted within a short period of time after the meeting occurs. Initially they are not final, approved minutes. Once approved at the next such meeting, the approved minutes, with any corrections, are posted and become a matter of record.

Newsletters are published periodically, usually quarterly, and are availble on this website for later reference. Several issues will be made available online as space permits.

Annually, MMWC posts the most recent Consumer Confidence Report (CCR). More than one year is available so that one can see what changes might occur over time.

Click on a file name to download as a PDF file (PDF viewer required).