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Mountain Mutual Water Company

Serving members of Cripple Creek Mountain Estates

The office does NOT accept payment by debit or credit card; but payment through Paypal is accepted (a $5 transaction fee will be applied.) Provide your MMWC account number and your balance to be paid at Paypal.

Click the image below to proceed to Paypal.

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Payment of Bills: The preferred method of payment is by check. Make remittances of payment payable to Mountain Mutual Water Company or MMWC. Mail payments to:

  • Mountain Mutual Water Company
  • 4338 County Road 1
  • Cripple Creek, CO 80813

Schedule of Rates and Fees


WATER USE: $2.00 per 100 gallons ($0.02/gal).
BASE FEE: $35 monthly, per meter.
AVAILABILITY: $200 annually, per lot.

Landlord and Tenant Billing Policy

Bills are sent directly to the property owner/MMWC member, who is solely responsible for ensuring timely payment of all fees. Landlords are obligated to furnish running water to tenants in accordance with Colorado law. Bills are not sent to the tenant. This billing procedure is consistent with MMWC’s By-laws, under which the member/property owner is responsible for all fees. See Colorado Revised Statutes § 38-12-505(1)(c) (Colorado Warranty of Habitability) (PDF).


Returned Check / Bank Charges: $20 per occurrence.
Lien Filing Fees: $13 plus administrative handling cost of up to $45 per lien (record/release).
Transfer of Membership Fee: $150, residential users only.
Water Delivery Fee: $75 plus charge for the water quantity delivered.
Voluntary Turn-Off Fee: No Charge. Call office to schedule (you do not have to be present).
Voluntary Turn-On Fee: $25 per occurrence plus monthly base fee. Call office to schedule.
Meter Tampering Fee: $250, may also result in shut-off of water until resolved.
Involuntary Shut-off Fee: $200 plus monthly meter charge.
New Connection Fee: $1,500 effective Jan 1, 2019 (membership must be current and in good standing).
Meter Pit: Current market price.
Meter Installation: $375 (includes meter).
Cistern Inspection: $125.
Bacterial Water Potability Test: $21 per occurrence.
Reinstatement of Forfeited Membership: $8,000 (see By-laws for membership details and consequences).