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Mountain Mutual Water Company

Serving members of Cripple Creek Mountain Estates


Mountain Mutual Water Company (MMWC) is the water supply and distribution entity for the Cripple Creek Mountain Estates property owners.    It is the mission of MMWC to provide water to its member customers with the greatest safety and quality possible and to maintain the system for reliability and economy well into the future.

MMWC draws its water from wells located in the "Gillette Flats" area of Teller County. MMWC is regulated by federal and state laws and tests its water accordingly.

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Notices and Announcements

  • Only MMWC personnel are authorized to access the meter in the meter pit. No one else may perform any type of manipulations to the meter or the valve controlling the water flow. Anyone other than MMWC personnel accessing the meter will be considered an act of tampering and will be subject to a $250.00 fine or up to, but not excluding, termination of service. More information on this topic can be found in the FAQ web page about whether a user can turn off his water at the meter.
  • Late Charge Notice: Effective May 16, 2020, the minimum late charge will increase to $12.50 per occurrence. This is a good incentive to be timely with your water payments.
  • Due to the (Covid-19) virus outbreak, the office is closed effective Thursday, March 26, 2020 until further notice. If you have a water emergency, please call (719) 689-2527 and leave a detailed message including your name, telephone number and property address. If you have an inquiry of any kind, please email office@mountainmutual.com and a response will be sent as soon as possible. Thank you for your understanding during this challenging time.
  • Water Safety Information: EPA recommends that Americans continue to use and drink tap water as usual. The World Health Organization (WHO) has stated that the, “presence of the COVID-19 virus has not been detected in drinking-water supplies and based on current evidence the risk to water supplies is low.” Additionally, according to the CDC, COVID-19 is mainly thought to spread between people who are in close contact with one another. Further, EPA’s drinking water regulations require treatment at public water systems to remove or kill pathogens, including viruses. These treatments include disinfectants such as chlorine that remove or kill pathogens before they reach the tap. Our water system is treated and closely monitored. It is tested according to state requirements and has no pathogens, e-coli or coliform detected. MMWC’s Board of Directors and its employee will do everything possible to maintain safe, clean drinking water during these challenging times.
  • The Board of Directors schedule their monthly meetings for the second Monday of the month at 6:00 p.m. CCME members are welcome to attend and non-members may attend with prior permission. Occassionally the meetings are canceled or postponed, so it is recommended that one check with the office prior to attending.

The office does NOT accept payment by debit or credit card; but payment through Paypal is accepted (a $5 transaction fee will be applied.) Provide your MMWC account number and your balance to be paid at Paypal.

Click the image below to proceed to Paypal.

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