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Important Notices: Fees: MMWC Customers can pay their bills through PayPal (plus a $5  transaction fee). Availability customers have two options to pay their 2016  bill.  They can pay in full by March 31, 2016, or make two equal payments  (1st half due March 1st, 2016; 2nd half due June 1st, 2016).  The office  can not accept credit card payments. Any account with an outstanding  balance as of June 30, 2016 will be assessed late charges at a rate of 18%. For a link to the PayPal payment page, click below: Landlords and Tenants: Bills are sent directly to the property  owner/MMWC member, who is solely responsible for ensuring  timely payment of all fees.  This billing procedure is consistent with  MMWC’s By-Laws, under which the member/property owner is responsible  for all fees.  See also Colorado Revised Statutes § 38-12-505(1)(c)  (Colorado Warranty of Habitability Act) (landlords obligated to furnish  running water); 2012-01-17 MMWC letter.  Mountain Mutual Water Company -- Introduction Mountain Mutual Water Company (MMWC) operates the central water  system for Cripple Creek Mountain Estates (CCME). MMWC draws its water  from wells located in the "Gillette Flats" area of Teller County. MMWC is  regulated by federal and state laws and tests its water accordingly. MMWC was incorporated in 1973. It is a non-profit, member-owned  mutual "ditch and reservoir corporation," a type of special-purpose  corporation under Colorado law. Visit the "History" page for more  information.  Our Mission MMWC exists to supply water to its members and to own, operate,  maintain, and improve the water pipes and water distribution facilities that  serve CCME.  MMWC generally declines to serve tap applicants outside of CCME  and lots and/or mining claims through which MMWC's transmission  line easements are located. For an explanation why, please see the  Membership page.  MMWC is independent of the Cripple Creek Mountain Estates Property  Owners Association (CCMEPOA), which exists to maintain, preserve, and  architecturally control the residence lots and common areas within CCME.  To understand why MMWC and CCMEPOA are maintained as separate  entities, please see the FAQ page. Contact Information Office Hours     Monday through Friday from 8:30 am until 1:30 pm Mountain Time Telephone  (719) 689-2527 FAX  (719) 689-2530 Postal address  4338 Timber Lane, Cripple Creek, CO 80813
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MMWC Bulletin Board: - The board meets the second Thursday of each month. - The office can not accept credit card payments. - 2015 CCR is available upon request and available here on our website. - User rates increased in March 2015 to $30 per month plus $0.0175 per gallon.